Totally new convert- best links for new users?

I am a possibly totally new linux distro convert- I’ve been using windows since it evolved from the days of DOS, and since I’m quite experienced at it now, I figured I’d finally come over full-time to linux based OS’s. So I’ve obtained a copy of SUSE from a friend on a DVD, left room on my HD, installed SUSE v11 and partitioned everything for dual boot with windows-XP (I think it’s with GRUB) and I’ve got everything default setup in my new SUSE.

I have a idiots guide (perfect for me so far) and I’m reading that as I go… I’m so used to the windows way of organizing, making and storing files, running executables, code and all the rest that this linux stuff is actually MORE confusing to me now (I tried it out and make a firewall about 10 years ago with RedHat and it was as easy as making top ramen noodles)…

What I REALLY want to do is

  1. install my usual GUI -some variant of BLACKBOX -I used BBlite or BBlean or Blackbox4 windows (BB4Win) on all my windows based OS’s… I’d love to use Blackbox on my SUSE or fluxbox… so I’ve DL them to my user folder… and =I"m STUCK! What and how do I get them to run? (YaST?/YaST2?) What’s next???

  2. I want to run my VMWare workstation or at least the player, to quickly get back to work with my windows apps on my SUSE OS… VMWare is a virtualization application. I have a full install package on a DVD for windows and openBSD (I think that is what they call the linux variant). I can find and add the “software repositaory” but then what? How do I install it and run my required windows applications (there is no equivalent yet in linux = specific CAD apps, etc)…???

So where do I find easy super n00b tutorials (even more basic than idiots guide?) to getting me started installing just my favorite linux-variant GUI as the default and then my virtual app for my windows work proggys? From there I can experiment more and learn this whole linux business and hopefully say goodby to MS forever.




I reading up in the forums as well- anything I can find that might pertain to learning more basics. Nothing matches my set up though- if someone has advice, they mention something that I can not find, even after 20 years of working with PC’s- maybe SUSE-v11 is different and a lot of the answers on here are for v10 something?

I didn’t know it would be this difficult to install VMWare workstation (I need it for it’s 3D capabilities- none of the other virtualization apps have this yet!) and get my work CAD apps working outside of windows. It shouldn’t be that difficult to do, yeah? I’m so new at this though… I get confused.