Totally lost: openSuse 11.4 text-only Xorg config problems

I’ve installed openSuse 11.4 server-mode (text only) on my desktop, and I’m trying to configure IceWM so i’ll eventually have it set up so it always boots into text only mode, but I could be able to quickly start icewm via the command line.

using Yast, I installed the Xorg server, and icewm.

when I type X, the screen goes black and it just doesn’t seem to do anything

I found if I hit ctrl+alt+f1 it kinda puts me back into text only mode, but I can’t put in commands anymore. The last thing it says on the screen is:

Failed to load module “fglrx” (module does not exist, 0)

I’ve goggled that error message and the discussions that popped up around it made no sense to me at all. I’ve never configured X from scratch before, can someone point me towards a tutorial or something?


fglrx is the ATI driver. So do you have a ATI based graphics card. Have you installed the driver?

Upgrading ATI driver with atiupgrade

I did everything in the ATI driver upgrade link, it all went through except the very last part.

:confused: I’m getting a “No supported AMD display adapters were found” but I have an X800 Pro in there. is there a way to force it to load a driver?

The following models are indeed not supported anymore:
ati_legacy=“9500 9550 9600 9700 9800 X300 X550 X600 X700 X800 X850 X1050 X1300 X1550 X1600 X1650 X1800 X1900 Xpress X1200 X1250 X2100”

There is a legacy driver, which would actually compile and install but which doesn’t work (anymore). I tried once with an ASUS M2A-VM MB with integretaded X1250. As it didn’t work, I decide to cancel the script if one of the chipsets listed above is found. I don’t know why it didn’t cancel earlier in your case. Either you don’t have a X800 or the chipset model doesn’t appear as expected, or the script didn’t catch it. If so it might have installed the newer driver which doesn’t work with your graphic card. But unfortunately the legacy ATI driver which used to support your card (and still does on older Xorg version) wouldn’t have worked either.

Is it an older maiboard with integrated graphics or an older graphics card?

I don’t know what a maiboard is, but I do know for a fact it’s an X800 or an x800 pro. Regardless, the card cost me 5 bucks at a thrift store so there’s no love lost in lack of support. I was going to run out to the store and get an nvidia ion-based graphics card instead. Anyone know what instructions I should follow to update the drivers for something like that?