total newbie question!! i am sure it can be solved

Hi guys,

ok i admit i am a total noob and i haven’t been using linux for a long so please excuse me ^^
ok the problem is as followed:
" i am using “gnome” and i have been setting up my desktop the last couple of days with a new theme etc. and i have been seeing quite a fair bit of times a bar ontop or ontop of a desktop with applications, like firefox or whatsoever… i think it is available to “kde” users, is there something like that for “gnome” users as well? ok and if there is something like that, how do i install and set it up? please with detailed instructions for the commands i have to use because like i said, i am new to linux ^^"

ok i hope somebody can help me with that!!

thanks already

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean…

Could you link to a picture or something? Or elaborate…

You don’t mean a ‘dock’, like Macs have in OSX do you?

yes, that is what i mean, a dock, i just had to google the word ^^

Now you knew it :wink:
Install cairo-dock and enjoy
I think it’s in Packman repo.


hey thanks i did that!!
thats just what i wanted!!!
but why is the background of it black? i read bout something called xcompmgr and its meant to be in my pacman but it isnt and i need it to make that stupid background dissapear, i tried to install it through sudo apt-get install … lyk i found on the net and it did not work, so what is up with that? sorry for molesting you haha


About that black background… Probably either bacground of dock is configured that way, or 3D acceleration and compositing are turned off. My guess is that you have 3D and compositing disabled. Which graphic card are you using?

my grapphic card is " ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]"

Indeed, if the background is black it means you are running the desktop in 2D. So you need to install the ATI drivers for 3D support.

Start Yast en add the ATI community repository. Next, start the Software management tool in yast, select the ATI reposity after setting the search criteria to Repositories and install the necessary packages.

After then, press CTRL-ALT-F1, log in as root and go to runlevel 3 by using the command

init 3

en press enter.

When level 3 has been reached (he’ll tell you) you start sax2

It will detect your card and driver and make sure that you select the 3D support checkbox.

Make some other setting changes if needed and save+test the setup.

Next, go back to runlevel 5 with init 5 and log in to gnome, if all was ok it should now be correct.

I have no further details if it shouldn’t work because I have an NVidia system but I do know that ATI is not the best system to get good and easy 3D support in linux.