Toshiba U400 doesn't go on

My brand new Toshiba Satellite U400 decided the other day not to obey the rule of my finger when pressing the ON button. Some lights turn on, but not the mousepad, wireless… and neither the BIOS loads. Problem is, when I bought it it had Vista installed. I made the Vista backups and the delete it and install openSUSE 11.0.
I’m worry about the warranty. I was planning, if something bad happens, to reinstall Vista and send it, but I can not turn it on.


Any idea? Any clue? Any previous experience?

Thank you very much


What to do, depends on how proficient you feel doing some DIY Laptop work. Or how reasonable your retailer is likely to be:confused:

I have read some on this subject recently in Linux magazines. But there is really no easy answer to your question.

I myself was considering a laptop purchase and being that the majority are pre-installed with M$, I would certainly end up doing the same - remove windows and install Suse. (I know Dell are selling Ubuntu laptops). In fact I would seriously consider Dell - simply because they already seem to be addressing Linux and possible hardware issues. Anyway - back to point.

Your retailer is likely to give you the two fingered salute.

You can’t generally get in the laptop without breaking a seal (I think) - But if you could - you could make sure the HD was Fried! Then they will never know what was on it
and if as I suspect you issue is on the mainboard - you should get it sorted.

Or you dare to try the repair yourself - Not for the faint hearted. But I would give it a go. But that’s me.:wink:

If I could get in the laptop (just the HD) I could just install VISTA on it from another laptop, put it back on and off we go, but I’m afraid that is probably not possible. If anybody knows a way to do this…

I could just install VISTA on it from another laptop, put it back on and off we go

Not possible