Toshiba temperature and fan speed

Just installed 11.3 and upgraded to KDE 4.5.2.
Have been using Mepis 8.5 with KDE 4.3 since I bought notebook last Dec.

CPU temps seem to be 10-15 C hotter when running openSUSE than Mepis.
Would this be expected for any reason?

Fan control has always been an issue with any Linux distro (Mepis requires acpi.power_nocheck=1 in grub kernel line to get fan to run).

Running 11.3, fan runs and according to widget indicator, core temps are typically 125-130 F. This is not extreme, but warmer than I like.
Is there a way to increase fan speed and thus lower internal temps?

What’s the video card? Did you install a driver for it?

My laptop’s temperature is always around 50°C.

zuser wrote:
> Mepis requires acpi.power_nocheck=1 in grub kernel line to get fan to run).

give it a try on openSUSE…when the first green screen comes up just
hit the down arrow and start typing that same kernel parameter and
carefully/closely watch the temp…

if it does the trick you can use YaST to add that to your default boot…

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CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

Videois nvidia G210M and I have not installed nvidia driver.
Using from the install:

2D driver: nouveau
3D driver: nouveau Gallium (7.8.2)

Should installing nvidia proprietary driver help?

It might, I definitely would give it a shot (you’ll have proper 3D-acceleration as a bonus).

Sorry for delayed response but have been traveling and not online much.
I installed latest nvidia driver and it seem to drop the indicated temperature about 5-10 degrees (F).
During light use, indicators are in the 115-125F range which is comfortable, I guess.

Running Mepis 64 bit with 2.6.32 kernel, temperature seems to stay in range of 38-45C.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll move on to the next issue:)