Toshiba Stor.e usb hard drive

I bought an external Toshiba Stor.e basics 1TB usb hard drive, It isn’t even seen in the hardware list. It works on windows.
Has anyone come across this problem? and possibly know of a fix.

For USB devices, you better check with


because that is restricted to USB and thus delivers a shorter (and thus postable) list.

And you could of course check if there is anything added to dmesg when you connct the device.

I will check tonight.
From what I understand it has a virtual cd, and this is embedded on the disk and also has a linux operating system (yet is supported for for XP, Vista and windows 7)

It appears that the hard drive was not seen by 11.4 (at work), but was seen by 12.2 (home). The motherboards etc are the same.
Also, the parted magic at work is an older version and this did not see it, but the latest one did.
I found that the partition was ntfs, so I reformatted it to fat32 (for compatability to some windows machines) and it is working well.