Toshiba satellite m500 over heat problem laptop over heat

im completely new to linux and i installed this gnome 3 interface of opensuse 11.4 just now, looks nice but as i use laptop after some period time it over heated … extremly hot

so what can i do to minimize this problem… i seek in google for my answer and some irc but only got confusion rather than answer please help me
im completely new and dont know a thing about it…

my laptop model is toshiba satellite m500 (not touch screen one)
has nvidia 210m graphic card

Toshiba Satellite M500-ST5408 Laptop

but mine has core2duo in the link it says 13 … might be a new version so… other hardware is same

please help me out


It’s been a long time you have this laptop ? If so, did you clean the fans and grills ?

yes i did… thats not a problem

but in windows it works fine so must be problem with opensuse


To see if it is really with openSUSE, instead of running the GNOME 3 version, can you install the openSUSE 11.4 that you find here : Télécharger openSUSE 11.4

i had same issue with ubuntu also… with the low low brightness thing … but in opensuse brightness has no issue but laptop get overheated

Install nvidia proprietary driver or find the nouveau power management settings and force it to run with a low energy profile on boot.

There are concerns about power management regressions in Linux (and not just openSUSE) starting with the 2.6.35 kernel and then made worse in the 2.6.38 kernel. I started a thread on this here: Possible Power Management regressions in recent Linux kernels ?

Still, xkshitizx I recommend you follow ketheriel’s advice as that should help cool the graphic hardware on your laptop.

Unfortunately, Toshiba notebooks are notorious for this lack of fan control and thus overheating. There are probably hundreds of threads on the various forums trying to address the issue. To aggravate finding a solution, virtually every Toshiba model and kernel version/distro act differently so there is no “one” fix. I ran Mepis on mine for more than a year and a simple grub cheat code worked just fine initially. Switched to openSUSE and had to find different cheat code but did get fan to run. Now running os11.4 with kernel and fan “usually” works as it should maintaining core temps in mid 40C range during normal use.

Seems about one start out of every 20 or so, fan does not start and unit begins to overheat. I use ksensors to monitor temps and if I see overheating, shut down completely and reboot. If temps are above 38-40C when unit boots, fan always starts.