Toshiba Satellite l505d-gs6000 Help!

Hi all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite l505d-gs6000 and searching google to see if there is good support for it so far has not been to positive. lots of problem related to wi-fi apci mouse pad keyboard…
Will I have to struggle a lot to get OpenSuSE 11.2 install on my Toshiba or should I just wait for 11.3 to hope to get better support for the laptop.

Thanks for you input.

Why cant you just try the LiveCD so that you can test it without disturbing anything you have on it?

I did … I can only boot with apci=off …
now my question was how easy it can be to boot with out apci and fix that problem…

I would add also while I try the LiveCD I had no wireless and I also had mouse problem…

now can all theses thing be fix… I do not want to struggle too long with my laptop go get 11.2 install

I’ve encountered this with some Intel Graphics, and when that happens often there is no other way (except to custom update the firmware in one’s laptop which IMHO is only for the very advanced hacker of which I am not - noway even remotely close)

You could try some boot codes other than “acpi=off” to see if you can find a less intrusive one: SDB:Kernel Parameters for ACPI/APIC - openSUSE

Almost all Toshiba A505 and L505D’s have ACPI issues with the Linux kernel, but a patch is in the works. Till then Linux is going to be problematic on these laptops
Info can be found here:

And there is a long thread over on the Ubuntu forums about this issue.
It can be found here: