Toshiba (optimus)laptop - had to reinstall Windows(MS update fubar'd it) Ready to re-install Leap 15

It is an Optimus machine still. ( I don’t have the nerve to tear into it and remove that nVidia GeForce GT 740M graphics card).
Are there any new updates that OpenSUSE and/or nVidia have made that will let me do a ‘regular’ install and not have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it to work?

I would like Plasma under lightDM right off if possible.

Is such an action even possible on a laptop?

I would like Plasma under lightDM right off if possible.
If on the User Interface installation screen you choose “Configure Online Repositories”, then “Custom” instead of KDE or Gnome, then on the next screen “Details”, you are free to choose just about any combination your heart desires. With the additional online repos configured, you should be able to include at least some of the Optimus hoop jumping when going through the details. If you’ve had to use nomodeset in the past to get 15.0 installation started, that will still be necessary. If anything would have improved it would only be in Tumbleweed and possibly 15.1alpha.

AFAIK, it is an add in card. I will have to check the build specs again
If so, yes it is possible if I had the nerve to do it.

Billl, on the Bumblebee instruction page, there’s a command to switch it off at boot and use the Intel all the time.