Toshiba NB305 won't s2ram

I just got a new toshiba nb305 n315, with the new pinetrail atom n450. No matter what I try, it won’t come back from an s2ram. I’ve tried all the options on this page: Suspend to RAM - openSUSE, but no dice. What’s more, I can’t get it to suspend to disk either. Has anyone got any experience with this? With the options s2ram -f -a 1 i at least get a blinking cursor on the screen, but even if I wait a good ten minutes nothing more happens.

Since no one seems to have any info on this, can someone at least direct me to where I can file a bug report?

Go into YaST and go to the bootloader settings. Choose whichever kernel you normally boot into, and add “nomodeset nohz=off highres=off” to the end of the kernel command parameters. This not only should solve the problem, but increases boot speed like, 5 fold.

Seems like we’re in a similar position, I have my A500 that doesn’t want to wake up.

You can file a bug report on Novell’s bugzilla: I put mine in the “mobile” component.

But, I have no idea if anyone will look at it there.