Toshiba A205-S5859 Strange Sound/Sleep Issues

Ok, now please explain these to me:

I shut off the KDE3 sounds since they annoy me right. Well, if I close lid, set to suspend to RAM, it will make an ANNOYING stuttering sound. I checked and all the sounds are turned off. What is going on?

I also have a problem where I will open the lid, and it will resume, then after a split second, back into suspend to RAM.

This openSUSE 11.1??

Is this sound happening with the sound ‘Mute’?

Are you only using kde3?

Yes 11.1 and my mute doesn’t seem to work. I have KDE 4, and GNOME, XFCE, and a few others installed but I am not using them. I use KDE 3.5 since it runs better.

It didn’t seem to do it when I closed my lid last night so I really don’t know.