Toshiba A200 and Chicony USB camera

Can anyone please help me solve my problem with Chicony USB camera (04f2:b008). I have installed uvc driver(package uvcvideo-kmp-default r242_2.6.25.11_0.1-2.1) with yast.

In Kopete->setting->configure->video i see only green screen.

When i run luvcview in terminal i get:

luvcview 0.2.4

SDL information:
Video driver: x11
A window manager is available
Device information:
Device path: /dev/video0
Stream settings:
Frame format: YUYV (MJPG is not supported by device)
Unable to set format: Device or resource busy
Init v4L2 failed !! exit fatal

My operating system is OpenSUSE 11 with KDE 4.1 and kernel version

On Kubuntu in Kopete the camera work out of the box.

I am an amateur at best with OpenSuse, BUT…

I had the same problem in Gnome version of 11.0, both 32 bit, and 64 bit…

Take all your gstreamer back a version, see if that helps…

Please report back if it does…

Good Luck!

And if KDE doesn’t use gstreamer, then I’m sorry for making a useless post…

I cant find in yast any older version of gstreamer, so i upgraded it from 0.10.19-60 to 0.10.20-24 and the camera still dont work.

Then i saw that i can downgrade uvcvideo-kmp-default package from r242 to r200 (r242 is from pacman repository and r200 is from OSS), but that didnt solve my problem too.

Can you please tell me which version of gstreamer do you have?

I don’t have that machine with me, but I am using latest gstreamer NOW, there was a problem, however, that I had to keep the older versions until other updates came to fix the problem.

There HAS to be a way to downgrade in KDE, I just dont use it, from my understanding though, right-clicking on the package in YAST should do it…

Did you ever solve your webcam problem? I have an A300 series Toshiba, and it uses the Chicony 2.0 camera. I am using KDE and xine. I, too, get the green screen.

I am glad to have read that the camera is supported. That’s good news!

What is the program I would start to operate my laptop’s webcam? I cannot find it under multimedia.

Thank you.


You can use a program like cheese, luvcview or other webcam program…

Are you still having problems with this?