Tora on 11.1

i have been using tora on 11.0 for a while does almost everything Toad does and is light and fast unlike SQL Developer(being a java application is sluggish at times)
i recently changed to 11.1 and while installing tora i get a dependency issue.tora requires qscintilla2-2 while 2-3 version is available in 11.1 thus unable to install tora.
any solutions and suggestions??

Download the source files and build from source. There is a tar.gz file on the tora website.

well the problem is not with tora.i am facing dependency problems with qscintilla.the version 2.3.2 is available in 11.1. but tora requires 2.2. so i was just hoping some one out found out a work around.

The version you are trying was built with different versions of the libraries. If you build the binary from source there won’t be any incompatible libraries.

i tried that stops and asks for qscintilla 2.2 while the version 2.3 is installed in my system.