Tor/Privoxy in VirtualBox

Has anyone gotten Tor and Privoxy working on a Linux guest? There seems o be a step I’m missing, but I don’t know what it is. Running the test in Firefox, I keep getting an “internal error,” but no more information. I have it running in a Windows guest without a problem.

Tor/Privoxy in VirtualBox - openSUSE Forums this went through it and it works fine I tested it albeit in vmware as long as you follow it through ti will work fine.

Thanks, but the link takes me right back to this thread.

Surf Anonymously: Tor, Privoxy, Firefox Problem - openSUSE Forums

Apologies so it does.

Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Everything is working on an 11.2 guest, and on a Windows guest with the Tor bundle; on an 11.1, built from the Studio, most everything seems to be the same, but the tests fail. The test in Torbutton returns an “internal error,” no more information than that. The tor and privoxy daemons are running. Maybe I’m missing some packages in the software bundle, but I don’t know what those would be.

Sorry I’m not helping troubleshooting that. That could be 11.2 error or a missing lib… That is a development release and not worth the headache. Again a problem that is related to pre-release/alpha/beta in the wrong place.

If people wish to use experimental software then they should have some minimal trouble shooting skills and be able to write a half decent bug report. Otherwise it is nothing more than a preview and not this or that doesn’t work…

Actually, it’s in 11.2 that tor is working.

Rule out the tor button see if you can get it working without it.

Also reading back"Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t." what does this mean, it does sometimes? If this is the case I’m inclined to think it isn’t starting a service, perhaps privoxy. At least you can narrow it down also look the process list see if you can see both of them running or check the status iirc rctor status rcprivoxy status.

I never used the tor button.

“Sometimes” as it works in some guests and not others. Tor / Privoxy works in 11.2 and in Windows but not in 11.1.

I noticed something in the tor log. I was getting warnings that my clock is “behind the time,” 5 hours or more. My clocks seemed to be set correctly, at least as displayed. Then, this morning the displayed time in Gnome was 7 hours behind. Checked the system date and time (yast), that was correct. Didn’t think to check with date in the terminal. Went ahead and reset it, now privoxy and tor are working. I’ll have to look into this later.

Thanks for your time.

Time issues can have an impact on certain software, suppose it half makes sense.

Using stuff in VM’s is always different, I have similar with some hardware, like Suse and my sound card refuse to play nice. Yet other distro’s all work so far. Yet I can’t get one distro to install, yet as a live distro it works fine, may try on real hardware.

Then comparing guests to guests adds yet more differences you have to make sure you’re comparing like for like perhaps this distro has a newer version than that, different services running etc… Vm’s are for testing and don’t truly relate to hardware profiles. Though like you I would like to think different distro’s would be able to interact with the hardware similar as I would of thought they are using the same modules.

VMs have many uses other than testing, one being safe browsing. They’re an additional layer of security and disposable if they are compromised.

My p0rn sites can’t be malicious enough I’ll have to hunt down some worse ones.

One day I’ll actually hear of a drive by browser hack till that day I’ll live in my insecure heaven.

escaping a vm - Google Search

Use lynx and be done with it

Good point, and no system is fool-proof. I often hear comments such as “It’s okay, I’m using Linux,” or from Windows users, “I have an AV.” But again, a VM, patched, is an extra layer of security. At this point, I haven’t heard of any exploits, but that may just be a matter of time.

I can do better I can find an exploit, nothing beats sensible net usage.

CVE - CVE-2009-1244 (under review)