TOR browser install via yast, failed sig, KDE

I tried to install TOR Browser. When yast - software tries to use ‘tor launcher’. It gives a verify signature failed. Do I need to install it manually? What do I do now?

I’d say most people will agree with me that the best way to “install” and run Tor is to download and run the Tor Browser bundle instead of installing from the openSUSE repos (unless you have a specific reason to do that).

The TBB is completely self-contained, which means that you can extract the files to any location you wish and the Tor browser will have everything it needs to run in the extracted files. No changes are made to your system at all, if you ever want to remove the TBB, you simply remove the tree of extracted files.


what about the appilication armor profiles?

I have it working. Does it protect against java script id?

You shouldn’t have any problems with apparmor running the TBB.

Don’t know what you’re referring to with “javascript id”
Inspect your Tor Firefox browser, it has plugins that block certain scripts.
There are a zillion ways you might be identifiable but by using the onion routing system and the default configuration, many things are blocked. You can also add any plugins you may want as well, but be careful what you customize.


JAVA and/or Javascript has a command to get your IP. Does it? If so, does tor disable it?

This yast app adds a application armor profile for you. I know nothing about app armor. Can I use this profile app?

In my Tor,
The following FF browser plugins are installed and enabled

HTTPS Everywhere
Self-Destructing Cookies

I also installed


You can install other Plugins you may want as well.
Apparmor should not interfere with the TBB (Tor Browser Bundle), which is run differently than Tor installed from the openSUSE repositories.


I checked yast - software reads ‘torbrowser-launcher’ and ‘torbrowser-apparmor-profile’ installed. I just dragged and dropped the archive into a folder. Thank you for the information.