Top 3 Linux application that you wish existed as openSuSE versions

When looking for some info I stumbled upon “Top 3 application that you wish existed as Linux versions” and I wrote the following (see below), but, then I thought:

“This is not the right place - I shall probably be told off for this!”

So, I thought : “Get out of jail free!”

I have been struggling to compile & install LM-sensors (see below) and a railtek rt2870 driver - it’s a bl**dy nightmare - I can’t be the ONLY person having these problems. Us hoi-polloi, the sans-culottes of the digital revolution need some help. To be perfectly honest, I found the old days of DOS, Desqview, Quemm WP51 & DBII much less complicated.

So, come on, Top 3 Linux application that you wish existed as openSuSE versions:

and here’s mine:


OK, I have managed to install it & find most of the dependencies but I’m struggling to sort out the variables to install LM-sensors (which appears to be virtuously OSS). RPM.Pbone used to have a note on this saying “Shame on you SuSE” for not including it (inxi). It’s a (.deb) script which which supplies a very full picture of your system - I use it all the time.& am lost without it.

BUT, also, the screen grabber Shutterbug which used to be given away with the Fox Toolkit (along with a Calculator & Editor) as an example of projects you could build and was always available thru’ YaST. It is no longer.included in Fox, I have managed to download it but I am concerned that this quick, easy-to-use & lightweight application will just fall by the wayside. That would be a terrible loss (to me at any rate).