Toolbar volume slider not working

Hi all. I use my nvidia motherboard’s sound card(MCP61) for suse 11.1 linux. If I right left click on volume, the slider doesn’t change sound levels. If I show mixer window, those controls work fine. Can someone help me here?

Also, linux doesn’t work with my creative X-FI. I just want to fix this problem first.


Are you meaning the kmix volume control in the sys tray?
Roll your mouse wheel when hovering should move it up or down in volume.

  • lord valarian,

right click the tray icon, “Select Master Channel”, try a different one.


Yes, i’m talking about the sys tray volume(speaker icon right click). The defaults were set wrong. It works now.

Right-click on volume -> Show mixer window -> Current mixer(top)-> change to HDA NVidia

Right-click on volume -> Select Master Channel -> Current mixer(top)-> change to HDA NVidia