Tool for monitoring speed of openSUSE download servers

Is there a tool or site that will let me see how speedy or how slow openSUSE servers are before invoking zypper dup in Tumbleweed?

I hit an unexpected delay on this morning’s dup to snapshot 20210520 at about 8:00 CEST, and am mindful that Dominique just warned us of an upcoming full rebuild of the distro. ( ) I’d like a way of checking the load on the servers before starting a zypper dup; if the servers are under unusual load, I’d rather wait and do my updating later.

Test a mirror in your locale to use (which is not recommended…)…


May I ask why it’s not recommended? I’ve been away from SUSE/openSUSE for a very long time and I’m still trying to learn the proper way of doing things.

If you read the first note on the mirror link page :wink: it should not be needed, if it does then could be issues… There is also ongoing work with mirrorbrain at present, as well as a stuck scanner which has been fixed, so some normality should return…

Ah, I think I understand how it works now. You typically don’t need to pick local mirrors because it’s done for you automatically, providing things are working correctly? That’s great!

Yes :wink: Some old info here: MirrorBrain - openSUSE Wiki

Thanks for the reply, Malcolm. A follow-up question:

I see priority listed at , but don’t see any indication of server load, or how to test download speed before starting zypper dup. (Or would the best test be simply to start the dup, then cancel if it’s unusually slow?)

Add some verbosity to the dup (it’s what I do), else if it’s just been pushed to the mirrors, wait until mirrors are synced, esp after a big rebuild…

zypper -vvv dup

I should have thought of adding a switch to zypper! Thank you, Malcolm.