Took the plung and tossed MS in the can what now?

So I did it after a couple years of weak excuses and alot of procrastination. I finally decided that 09 would be the year I broke free of the MS shackles.

That being said my home is now Pure Suse.

I installed it on both my laptop and my desktop!

the laptop is a HP nc8230 and i am excited to report this system hit the ground running with the base install

the desktop is a hp dc7600 small form factor PC wit a nvidia pci-e card installed… again all devices appear functional with no extra configuration.

(well i had to update the nvidia repo and rerun sax2 no big deal)

so as one can tell this isnt a HELP (insert item) doesn’t work post.

no this is a okie whats next? im new to linux and want t get even more speed and power from this os.

so can some veterans give me some guidelines as what i can do to tweak both systems for maximum performance?

I dont do gaming anymore (a big reason i finally ditched MS)

im interested in programming 3d design and multimedia all of which is greatly supported.

but i KNOW i can shave this system down for even more goodness so vets speak up if you had these systems or even if not whats your general post install steps to get the most out of this very impressive OS?

Once you start to go over 3GB RAM and with duel core or better and _64 you can really start to let it rip.

Dynamic CPU setting in powersave/powerdevil can keep CPU use down until you need it.
Native compiz with kde4.2 is great and much less cpu hungry and for more stable. In fact- rock solid.

You might want to take a look at the hotkey/shortcut settings to see if there any tasks you can do faster using the hotkey.

Also, a tip (not sure if it’s KDE specific or not) scrolling over the taskbar minimizes/restores windows… find it very useful for the GIMP with it’s awful multi-window layout.

What’s next well… don’t know, when I just started out I tried out alternatives to the programs that comes with openSUSE, for example Kaffeine is something I’ll never mark for install again as SMPlayer is far superior.

Not that much to do to gain a performance boost, as it runs fine out of the box :), you could take a look around in the settings panel to check if there are any services booting at startup that you don’t need (beagle…). And what caf4926 said… toying around with KDE 4.2 effects is fun ;). Somehow 3360*1050 and 4 virtual desktops spinning around on a cube with videocard AA/AF maxed out works fine in KDE4.2