too slow...

I´ve got an Fujitsu Amilo Laptop (Turion64 1800Mhz, 512MB RAM with shared Memory graphics) and installed OpenSUSE 11.1 with GNOME.
The Problem is the system is really slow. It takes nearly 2 minutes to start up, nearly one to shut down and when the system is running I need about twice the time for any operation compared to WinXP which I used before. For example starting a music file takes about 30 seconds… this can´t be the speed the system is meant to show…

What am I doing wrong?

I don´t have to say that I´m completely new to Linux, right…? :wink:

512MB RAM with shared Memory graphics

This may be a contributing factor. If you can, I would recommend increasing your memory.

Which desktop environment are you using btw?

try some xfce enviroment

sorry, you replied before I edited my post…

can i easily change to Xfce without doing a complete reinstall?

Yes you can, just install xfce from the YaST. Anyway I am runing full kde 3.5 and kde 4.2 with 384 mb of ram, so I don’t think that problem lies there becouse my system runs faster then windows xp. Check if cpu scaling is working for you and your cpu frequency while runing suse. Maybe your cpu is throttled down.

Although startup and shutdown time are of no importance to me, I got an old Asus laptop with 512MB RAM and a Sempron 2800+ running just fine. (So that’s very similar to your setup)

It’s running KDE4.1 with openSUSE 11.1.
It was a bit sluggish before when the shared memory was set up for the videocard to take up 128MB. After changing it to the lowest allowed in the bios (think it was 32MB) the system runs fine.

If you use firefox intensively it does kinda get up there and slow things down… so if you like to do serious browsing Konqueror (if running KDE) might be a better choice.
My system is usually used by a single tab user used to firefox though.

Could you give some tips on how to do this, please?
I have 2Gb ram/AMD Sempron 3400+@1800Mhz but still feel that openSuSE is a little slow…
If I open kinfocenter, it says my processor is running at 1000Mhz, although bios sees the chip and runs it at the correct speed. I recently enabled “cool’n’quiet” (scaling) as the kernel was wasting time looking for it on boot, but I have not noticed any difference in performance. Is there any benchmarking tools out there?

Your processor is set to vary it’s speed on needed performance. Therefore it will show you 1000MHz, 1800MHZ. Start Writer and you will see it happen.

I don’t know how it works with AMD and Powernow, because I am using Intel. I have an oposite problem, my cpu won’t slow down because cpufreq module is broken. To speed up my system I’ve disabled all unnecessary services at startup. I’ve also deleted all Beagle services and disabled AppArmor because I don’t need them. Now my KDE 4.2.2 works as fast on my laptop (850 MHz with 384 MB RAM) as on my Desktop computer (P4 2.8 GHz, 1GB RAM and ATI x1650pro). The only thing that is equaly slow on both boxes is file browsing with Dolphin or Konqueror. It works really slow on all computers I’ve used with KDE 4, so for file browsing I am using Krusader compiled for KDE 3.5.

Can there be more than the problem with the memory? At the moment its all that slow I can do just nothing in less than a minute… Even starting the file browser

another example: Playing a DVD either doesnt work or if its working there is a lag every five seconds or less…

Nothing I can say anymore. There’s no way anybody can say anything decent about this anymore since you’ve changed your system completely. Stopping beagle is one thing, but turning off system services to gain performance instead of adding some extra RAM is asking for trouble.

It might be the memory, try testing it with memtest. But it seems to me that your hardvare is not fully supported. You can try to build new kernel yourself and optimize it for your system. Also you can try KDE 3.5 as it is one of the fastest desktop environments. Further you can try disabling/removing powernow daemon.

i reinstalled now and took KDE4 and it seems a little faster now, but i noticed that the cpu is displayed as a 800MHz… this is supposed to be the frequency in silent mode… how can I set the right frequency (should be around 1800MHz)?