Too Many Hits from Hard Resets in 12.3 - Suggestions?

I believe there may be errors at the root level because I’ve done one too many hard resets. I had to do the resets because I was used to S2R in versions prior to 12.3: I would leave the PC to do other things a little longer than I expected or just put 12.3 to sleep w/o thinking. This happened 4 or 5 times until I deactivated S2R. I’m not used to anything failing in OSS.

As a result, I am unable to get on the get on the web on my regular desktop. In failsafe, I can get on the web, but unable to get any updates in Yast. I know there are updates because I have OSS 12.3 on another HD which works fine.

The erroneous 12.3 is in dual boot w/ Windows 7 which also had errors.

Other than the impactful / invasive method of reinstalling 12.3, could you show me a way to check / fix whatever errors are going on underneath the hood? Thanks in advance.

If you boot to failsafe mode, you should have a network connection unless that specific sub-system has been mucked up.

Verify you have a network connection in failsafe mode (assuming you have a problem booting up normally).
If you don’t have a network connection, start with the standard troubleshooting tests…

  • Do an “ip addr” or “ifconfig” to verify you have a working IP address.
  • Ping <by IP address> yourself, then another machine on your network, then your default gateway, then another machine beyond your DG.
  • Repeat the above ping tests <by name> instead of by IP address.

Hopefully running the above tests should already be failing somewhere which should provide clues which configuration needs to be fixed.

If you have a DVD, you can always use it to do a “repair” re-installing your OS from scratch (and then you would need to d/l and install all the updates and patches released). But, don’t do this before determining the problem is more than a simple network mis-configuration.