Too big font in 11.2

Hey guys,

Today I installed OpenSUSE 11.2. I was using 11.1 before that and I was surprised to see that the default font size of KDE in 11.2 is very big. I took a snapshot to show this.

The “Start” menu font for the favorites (Configure Desktop, File Manager,…) is very big compared to the other text. Also, the window title “… (yoran) on linux-at47” has the same problem.

Furthermore, the text of the windows in the taskbar is also too large. The letter “p” in “openSUSE Forums - Post New Thread…” is too big.

Has anyone had the same problem? How can I solve it?

Thank you,

Check your settings against this
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Ok great it’s much better now. It’s a pity though that they use the ugly fonts per default?

What you had was not default, it was strange. But after install you will get fonts dragged down by updates which may help.