Too big delay with xscreensaver on wrong password in OpenSUSE 12.2

There is too big delay when logging in with xscreensaver in OpenSUSE 12.2

— Actual delay is 10 seconds, but not found anywhere in configs

Already done:

  • checked pam timeout in login.defs
    (3 seconds) - no options in any of /etc/pam.d/ files

  • checked login settings via YaST (uses login.defs
    so useless) - played with delay parameter in /etc/pam.d/login, /etc/pam.d/commom-auth-pc files

  • .xscreensaver config in /home/

    timeout: 0:10:00
    cycle: 0:10:00
    lock: True
    lockTimeout: 0:00:00
    passwdTimeout: 0:00:05
    visualID: default
    installColormap: True
    verbose: False
    timestamp: True
    splash: False
    splashDuration: 0:00:05