tomcat6 status results into dead state


When i start tomcat6 (on a SLES 11 box) two times without a stop in between, rctomcat6 status results into dead state.

I checked the rctomcat6 start script, in this case when the tomcat6 is already running and a rctomcat6 start is done, it display a msg that “process already running”, but it continues in the start function further down & executes the TOMCAT_SCRIPT(dtomcat6) script with the start argument. And after that pid in the file gets changed but the process keeps running with the old pid, and hence when we do a rctomcat6 status, it results into dead state(bcoz it doesn’t find any process running with that pid).

I think it shouldn’t execute the TOMCAT_SCRIPT in this case, so in case when checkpid is success(in start function), i put an exit after the echo msg " process already running", this solves the problem, but is this the correct solution ?

function start() {
echo -n “Starting Tomcat ($CATALINA_BASE)”
if -f “/var/lock/subsys/${NAME}” ] ; then
if -f “/var/run/${NAME}.pid” ]; then
read kpid < /var/run/${NAME}.pid
if checkpid $kpid 2>&1; then
echo “$NAME process already running”
rc_failed 0
#The below exit i have put to exit from the func in case java is already running with #the pid in the file

                    echo -n "lock file found but no process running for pid $kpid, continuing"
                    rc_failed 7

~ rahul

On 02/17/2011 07:36 AM, rahulvatsa wrote:
> When i start tomcat6 (on a SLES 11 box)

you are welcome to hang here and see if one of the SLE_ users here in
the openSUSE forums have an answer for you, but you might be better
and quicker served in one of the actual SLE_ forums hosted by the
maker, at

the pass/ID you used here works there too…

(and, there are some quite a lot differences between openSUSE 11.3
[which most here are using] and SLES 11, so . . .)

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