Tomcat6 - Missing


I have installed Tomcat6 succesfully from Yast. Now im wondering where is file located ? Tomcat is running fine, but i’m needing that startup script for deploying web service directly from Netbeans IDE. The default init script is found from /etc/init.d/tomcat6, so is included to this installation ?

edit: i’m using Opensuse 11.2

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No, there is no - what do you need to do?

Most of the Tomcat6 configuration files now reside in /etc/tomcat6 - the layout is a little “strange” if you’re used to just deploying T5/T6 via the normal tgz package from Apache.

Well, Netbeans is handling Tomcat via script (eg. for restarting after war is copied directly to webbapps folder).

Altough i can copy my wars manually to Tomcats webapps folder but direct deplying would be much easier. :slight_smile:

Whilst there is no by default, you could just symlink it to /etc/init.d/tomcat6 or rctomcat6 since used stop / start as well.

I used to start tomcat in debug mode using
“$Catalina_home/bin/ jpda start”

But in tomcat6 how to start tomcat in debug mode.