Today's upgrade seems to have caused a problem with 3128 packages to upgrade

Not sure if this is just a local problem but this upgrade seems to have stalled when retrieving packages. I have been trying/hoping for over an hour and I am still at 1942/3135.
Download speed for normal use today is about 30Mb/s so could it be that there are just too many Tumbleweed users of too few resources?
Just thought I would ask.

I went through this upgrade last night without any problems (~3300 packages in my case). I don’t recall how long it took, but download speeds appeared to be normal and there were no times when it seemed to hang.

Hi and thanks for the feedback. Perhaps it is a t.o.d. issue or something else going on. I use pCloud a bit and today the whole system has crashed and their website is down. In Switzerland they don’t work weekends apparently so no more info yet but there may be some wider issues causing problems. Interesting.
Many thanks.

Cloudfare status is reporting errors and there are a large number of web sites I can’t access right now, so that may be contributing to the problem.

I’m thinking there are issues all over today (DDoS?), I had to tweak DNS settings here as my ISP is having issues…

Hi all and thanks for the information. My pCloud account was restored after a couple of hours and I was rather impressed that nothing appears to have been lost. Since the upload was forecast as being more than an hour I wonder how it was all held during the outage. Anyhow just glad it wasn’t a mistake on my part!

By the time I saw the update, it was over 5700 packages. The GUI updater would not perform the update, saying that there were too many packages. So, I simply performed a ‘sudo zypper dup’ update from the terminal. It choked on one package during the installation process, but restarting the computer then the update resolved the issue. All appears good now.

The zypper dup command is the only tried/tested/supported way for Tumbleweed… applets and packagekitd are not there yet.

Thanks, good to know!

This is sort of related to this, but not download part of a zypper dup

So, I also had 3900 plus packages to upgrade, and as I’m somewhere with low bandwidth the download took a couple of hours for the 3Gb plus

However, when the retrieval had finished, the actual install took over 10 hours.

Is that normal? Expected?

I seem to recall at some point last year installs suddenly started taking a lot, lot longer than previously, and it’s with these massive package refreshes this becomes much more noticeable

I’m on Tumbleweed

Is this that maybe my 65Gb btrfs root partition needs some maintenance (it’s currently about 50% full) or is there a zypp.conf option that needs a tweak?

Or do installs just take that long?

Intel Core i5, 16Gb RAM, SATA 2Tb HDD (not SSD)


I’m totally new to Tumbleweed. Installed it on 23rd of August. Day before yesterday I also had some 6 thousand packages to be installed or upgraded.
Some packages didn’t made any sense like Thunderbird, I have installed some app that are per se gnome category but these are something that does not and should not depend entire Gnome package.
The 4gb of download went smooth but during installation somewhere after 3k package installation, the GUI crashed and the screen was point blank with a single cursor blinking. Force restarted the system and restarted the update which this time only had to update 400 packages.

Is this a regular phenomenon where I have to almost download gig’s of packages every other day to keep the software updated? 4gb or 8gb in spread over a month is understandable. But alternate day download in gb’s doesn’t make sense. First zypper dup was of 600 mbs, seconds 4gb, today they third is of 250mb. So anything under gb is acceptable. Understand its rolling distro, but the way this is giving me updates is like crazy.

Meanwhile slowly I’m moving lots of packages into “Taboo – Never install” category like Totem, Thunderbird etc. But when this comes to packages with name libxxxxx I’m clueless on should I block or not.

It is not that often but yes, sometimes full rebuild is forced and so every package must be updated. It is certainly not every other day, but it is not the first time last year either.