Todays update had ' Leap 15.3 will be ReInstalled' in orange letters after package updates list

Then several terminal pages of things in blue, so seemingly duplicates.

What is that suppose to mean?
The update didn’t actually reinstall Leap 15.3.
Sorry I don’t have a screen capture.
Just curious.

Checking here (with Yast online update) I see:

openSUSE-2021-1321 - Recommended update for Leap-release

Leap-release was updated to fix:

  • Add %sle_version rpm macro as is in SUSE Linux Enterprise (bsc#1187214).

It is updating the “openSUSE-release” package. And, I think that whenever that package is updated, zypper reports it as reinstall the release. I think that’s a base package that pulls in almost everything else as a dependency or a recommend. But since this is an update, it isn’t going to reinstall all of those dependencies unless those packages have also been update.

Thanks, was not ‘worrisome’, but came as a surprise. I didn’t think about looking at YaST Online Update.