Today's update gave us Gnome 3.34.2 in Leap 15.2 Alpha

Today’s update for 15.2 brought use Gnome 3.34.2. KDE is still at Plasma 5.17.5 (should eventually be Plasma 5.18).

Note that Leap 15.2 is still at the Alpha testing phase. I do not recommend installing it at this stage. I am testing it in a virtual machine. I still run Leap 15.1 on my main desktop.

For those who are testing 15.2, note that the correct update procedure is:

zypper dup

to be run at a root command line. That’s because you should treat it as a rolling release until it has been officially released. After the official release, switch to normal update methods.

Another thing to note: at present purge-kernels is not working properly. So you will accumulate kernels unless you do something manually.

I used

zypper purge-kernels

to clean up the kernels on 15.2. This is a new “zypper” subcommand (also available in Tumbleweed).

The kernel cleanup should be working properly by the time that Leap 15.2 is officially released.

Thanks for the tips, Neil.
Just installed the new Gnome to a spare partition and everything seems OK on a quick tour. Of course Packman and other special repos are not there yet, but for common office tasks this build seems fairly usable.
As noted, a “zypper up” just “updates” a few test fake packages. A DVD upgrade from a 15.1 previous install went smoothly, then a “dup” was needed to upgrade packages that were missing from the DVD.

But the Broadcom WiFi still is not working.

Thanks, Packman was not upgraded automatically, nor is it listed among “Community repos”, but it is indeed up and running.
So my usual set of multimedia is working as expected, pretty impressive at alpha stage.
The new Gnome has sort of an “upstream feeling” but maybe the openSUSE branding is still WIP.

Yes, I think that’s right. Based on bug reports, they have been working on getting Gnome 3.34 into shape for a while. Presumably, they want it to work right after the next service pack to SLE 15. And Leap 15.2 is where they are testing that.

And, yes, I’ve been using Packman repo for a while with Leap 15.2. But it only has the “Essentials” part at present. Presumably other stuff will become available nearer to release time for 15.2.