Todays Networkmanager update breaks up networking completely

Hy! On a Dell Latitude with TW todays update of Networkmanager makes you get an IP from DHCP, but afterwards nothing (local or Inet, by IP or by name) can be pinged. Totally dead. Switching to Wicked solves for the moment.

It’s been fine all day for me, on my Dell XPS-15, with TW 20170630, for WiFi, Ethernet & VPN.

Same problem here. I just updated, and instantly the DNS requests are not working anymore. If I fill a DNS address in manually (in configure network connections), all works again. So, somehow since the update, my wifi does not receive the proper DNS server ip’s from the router anymore.

(My laptop is a HP Pavilion, with kabylake chipset, intel wireless)

And, I just noted that my laptop will only connect to my 2.4G wifi networks since the update. None of the 5G work anymore. They are detected, and network manager displays that it connects, but then instead just connects to the 2.4G again.

DNS problems with Networkmanager I had some weeks ago (use search funtion on forum), resolved by deleting /etc/resolve.conf and reboot :wink: In my case ping even on local net with IP did not work (so no DNS involved here).

I just tried this, and it did not resolve this problem. Still does not get a DNS from the router and can only connect to one of my wifi networks. I just discovered that 2.5G/5G has nothing to do with it. I can only connect to the network that I was last connected to before updating. Rather serious bug…

I think, this is the same bug:

sudo netconfig update -f

has been reported to do the trick.

That did not solve it for me.

…nope, didn’t work here :frowning:

Did not use this one myself. I disconnected the wireless, set the IP address to static, added gateway and nameservers. That worked. Changed it back and DHCP works properly. I didn’t post this ‘workaround’ because I don’t like it at all. Too much in the “did you shake it? Kick it? Reboot it X times” area.
It has also been reported that changing to wicked, configuring the wireless card, saving it, then return to Networkmanager, gets the networking back again.

I have just tried this. It did not work. Also changing to wicked/reconfigure and change back to networkmanager did not do the job.

I just discovered that I cannot create new connections anymore in networkmanager. The save button is then grayed out.
Also, connections that had been discovered before the update, but that were not in use, cannot be edited anymore: apply and save buttons grayed out.

Nope, sorry, tried that several times, after Wicked worked, but did not bring back the Networkmanager… will keep Wicked for the moment, but will need Netwokrmanager on this machine on the long run… :frowning:

Maybe here is a solution:

Finally and in the end… …this here worked.


While that does solve the NDS problem, it does NOT solve the inability to create new connections since this update.

Different Problem----different Thread…

Why is this a different problem for a different threat? The update did not just break the DNS, but also the ability to make new connections. The title of the threat is: “Todays Networkmanager update breaks up networking completely”.

The solution posted in this threat addresses just half of the problem. If you want the inability to make new connections to be addressed in a different threat, then I request that you post a link to which threat you are referring to, or request a name change for this existing threat.