Today I got a midi keyboard

As the topic titles states I got a second hand midi keyboard.

Connecting it was very easy. Just plug it in.

openSUSE does not recognize it, but that not a problem.
( Nor does windows btw )

I wanted to use it with LMMS, and LMMS did recognize it. :stuck_out_tongue:
( Also on windows ) rotfl!

Because it did not work at first on Linux, I booted w7 to see if it was working there.
Then I noticed the problem, the usb connector on the midi keyboard, is not working 100% any more.
I needed to fiddle a little.

I found on the web, a new connector I could solder in.

For those looking for midi keyboards this one works on Linux too ( at least in lmms )

M-AUDIO - Keystation 49es - 49-Key Synth-Action USB Controller

These type of keyboards do not produce any sounds by them self.
You need to connect them to a pc or a midi device to have sounds.

LMMS - Linux MultiMedia Studio
You can install this through yast. :wink:
You do not need a midi keyboard to use lmms, it works fine without one too.

An example: