To use the selected repository a matching boot imageis needed warning prevents installing Leap 15.3

I have two new computers, both with Asus motherboards (one B450, one B550) with NVMe 512GB SSD and NVIDIA GT1030 graphics. One has an AMD Ryzen 5800X the other an AMD Ryzen 3600.
I want to install Leap 15.3 on both of them (no dual boot, just Leap).
I have a USB with network image for installation, which I used before for a new installation.

When booting the computers from the USB (UEFI) and choosing Installation, I get a message (no longer in graphic mode but in text mode with borders suggesting a graphic mode)

To use the selected repository a matching boot images is needed
Download it now and restart?

Acceptiing the proposed action produces a ‘pop-up message’ with a progress bar suggesting that something is downloaded (; the message disappears and nothing happens. On top of the screen I see

linuxrc (Kernel 5.3.18-57-default
. I can only reset the computer to start again.
Not accepting the proposed action produces a message that that won’t work.

I downloaded the offline image, used dd to write it to USB, it produces the same behaviour.

How can I install Leap 15.3 on my computers?

I always use the DVD installer. But the NET installer should work. And yes, the NET installer does usually update itself. But you do need a working network connection for that.

Turn off Secure boot, turn off CSM mode.
Try to install with full DVD image without connection to network.

Please always put computer text in [noparse]


[/noparse] tags. You added it as quote so it is not included in reply and it is impossible to make comments in correct context.

Anyway - how old is your net image? There was refresh of installation images about a couple of months ago. Did you try updated image?

I ALWAYS start from scratch and execute every item of the checklist:

Because I had a similar problem as you, I used a live ISO (I prefer KDE) for the installation of Leap 15.3.
openSUSE, unlike most distributions, does not install a content of a live CD image, but instead runs the same installation process as a network installation. You also have the added security of knowing that the installation is guaranteed to run in graphical mode.

Thank you all for your help.
I managed to switch off secure boot and installation is now running from a Leap 15.3 Live USB. :slight_smile: