To Upgrade to 15.2 or wait for 15.3 ??

Hello All,

My own and my wife’s laptop are currently on 15.1. Some problems I ran into and discussed here in the forums prompted recommendations to move to 15.2. Now 15.3 is already alpha and will be coming in Q2 21. Does it make sense today to still upgrade 15.1 to 15.2?? Or should I go to 15.3??


Some thoughts about this. Others may have different ideas. Some people like it to live more dangerous then others ;).

As 15.1 expires before 15.3 is released, not going to 15.2 will give you a gap in support. Even longer when you, like I, want to see 15.3 used for some time by others before you switch to it.

When you want to upgrade using the online method (with is the easiest IMHO), remind that only stepping one version at a time is supported (although many skipped steps without problems). Thus you have to do two steps in any case.

Upgrading now to 15.2 will give you peace of mind through the end of the year and the upgrade process between minor releases should be rather smooth.
But if you already know that 15.2 will not work for you in some way, skipping it might make sense: you have to balance the risks, but having problems already with 15.1 with no fix in sight there doesn’t seem promising.
Don’t hold your breath for 15.3, coming out of SLE 15 SP3 no major “leap” forward is expected, but a bunch of bug fixes might improve stability if that is what you value most.

Personally, I had (minor) problems testing 15.2 and decided to switch to Tumbleweed for the time being and wait and see what happens with 15.3, but I am prepared to deal with the occasional hiccup that Tumbleweed brings every now and then.

I’d also go for 15.2. You can wait out any “Kinderkrankheiten” of 15.3 and take the next step up later if are using the online upgrade. Doing the upgrades “by the book” at least saves one potential source of failures if you have to do any troubleshooting. No need, of course, if you are planning clean installs.
I have just recently done it on my homeserver and the laptop. I didn’t have any problem except a totally self-afflicted and unnecessary “out-of-diskspace” issue. :shame:

If you are using BTRFS

snapper rollback [put your favorite snapshot here] 

can really give you some confidence.
(No, snapshots didn’t cause my mentioned issue.:P)


Leap 15.3 is not anywhere near close to being usable.

There appears to be a new build available today. However, the repos for 15.3 are way out of date. I just checked “yakuake” in the repos, and it shows a build time of June 23, 2020. That’s probably the original build for 15.2.

I would suggest waiting at least until 15.3 reaches the beta stage.

Yes, I have 15.3 installed (in a VM). But that’s for testing purposes. At this stage, I would not consider it for regular computing use.

YaST2 - online_update @ yoga3

These products have reached their end of general support
and thus do not provide new updates anymore.          

In case that your subscription contains extended support.
please make sure that you have activated the extension
Contact us if you need further assistance.
│openSUSE Leap 15.1                                             │ 
│                                                               │ 
│                                                               │ 

My suggestion is to try to find or make some space on the hard drive and create a new clean install of 15.2. You will be given the opportunity of importing ssh keys and users from your 15.1 installation.
I presume /home is on a separate filesystem/partition. Also backup the users’ .local and .config folders. This allows you to copy any wanted files from the old /etc and /usr/local or wherever before trashing the 15.1 install.