To Ubuntu again... sigh.

Well with great reluctance and great sadness I find myself once more back to the land of the big U.
And once again its thanks to that netflix workaround it has, the one I was using in openSUSE now no longer works and I have tried to manually update it and see if I can make it work again in openSUSE but to no avail.
Folks its not like I wanted to go back to the big U but its just a fact that ubuntu is where the packages are at.
I mean I could do arch but really I dont feel like going through all the pains of setting it up.
Fedora? Forget it I HATE Gnome shell and KDE on fedora is horrid.
Sure KDE support in Ubuntu is not nearly as good as openSUSE but if I did want KDE I can install it again.
I just wish it worked a little better with KDE 4.10, thats why I looked at openSUSE as it usually does KDE the most amount of justice.
But at the cost of not having what I want and need, sigh…
But the fact of the matter is that ubuntu in the end still has more going for it then openSUSE.
Is it as stable? Heck no but its got the applications and in the linux world thats where the deal breaker is.
So yeah I guess thats why I keep on going back to the big U, its not like I want to as really openSUSE 12.3 was pretty solid but again…
its all about who and what has the apps and openSUSE sadly doesnt cut the mustard on that front.

bye bye, take care

Oh I will, hopefully though by the time openSUSE 13.1 comes out netflix will ditch silverlight and I could just use firefox (or chrome) under normal wine to use it as it will still probably need some proprietary something or another to work but something we can install with wine without too many special patches.

Perhaps a petition to netflix would be a good thing.

Did you try this Netflix on openSUSE 12.2 linux using wine + firefox + silverlight 4 | Just Another Tech Blog

Yeah I used a similar workaround, but its still a no go even with that solution.

We have had a few already, none seem to have budged them.
Right now netflix is going to be my main source of entertainment as we are moving and we are dropping cable for a while so netflix is going to be my way to entertain myself.
That and going over to windows to use itunes, the only reason why I still have windows on this machine now.

Most my colleagues in our LUG (GNU/Linux User Group) use Ubuntu or a Ubuntu derivative (Mint), and they are happy, so IMHO you should be ok there.

If you decide to try openSUSE again, and run into any hiccups, you are most welcome to post for help on our forum.

Best wishes !

Oh I will, like I said this issue will hopefully fix itself once netflix dumps silverlight

Sorry to hear that. Could you not run Ubuntu in a virtualbox vm? Then have the best of both worlds. :slight_smile:

No the workaround is resource heavy, even on my decent specs (hex core AMD and 4GB of ram)

It sounds like a good workaround to me. I have 3gb of ram and a 2.2ghz intel and I can run operating systems like Ubuntu or Windows 7 in a vm. If you have virtualization extensions on your cpu it should perform quite well in virtualbox.

No I had it run and it was poor performance in VB, it may stem from my on board ATI 4200 HD graphics card as my ram is chewed up and my cpu flips out.

It’s a bummer when this happens. A specific piece of software preventing you from using a preferred OS. I too find it frustrating that Netflix only supports Windows, and while I am aware of the Ubuntu hack workaround, I could not switch back to Ubuntu just for this. For one thing, any such hack is liable to break at any given time anyway, as, simply put, Netflix just does not support Linux or Ubuntu specifically. Secondly, general performance is so bad with Ubuntu on this laptop (Samsung NP355) that I would not wish to use it again. Battery life is so poor, hard drive noise very prominent for some reason, and Unity very resource hungry. With openSUSE 12.3 (KDE 64 bit), the performance across the board is considerably better, and better than the W7 also installed. This is more than worth the compromise for me personally.

However I understand your predicament, and hope for your speedy return. openSUSE needs passionate users! :slight_smile:

Good luck. I hope you’ll manage to bend Ubuntu to your needs.

Eh Ubuntu for me has never been that bad in performance, its stability that makes it weak in the knees.
But that is mainly due to unity.
If you use a spinoff like kubuntu its a little better, though KDE support is not good on ubuntu.

Yes I’m not lying to you! I had no end of trouble with Ubuntu 12.04 on this laptop. It got pretty rough, but as it was the missus’ machine she didn’t want me messing about with it too much as she had work to do. Eventually it got to the point where it simply had to go (locking up and freezing etc). 12.10 didn’t look any better so I decided she should move to KDE and use openSUSE. Kubuntu is indeed pretty good and I like it a lot, but I personally just preferred openSUSE and this has proved a good choice so far. The difference has been night and day.

Of course this is just my own experiences. I don’t cast any aspersions on Ubuntu generally.

Different hardware different results, its bound to happen even on windows.Me practically every distro I have used seems to work pretty well on my machine.
Except ROSA, that thing is SOOOOOO slow.

Just a thought… If you have windows for iTunes then why not use Netflix on windows and still keep openSUSE for proper computing? I have software that will not run on Linux thus I still dual boot. But as mentioned above relying on a Ubuntu hack is not really a real reason to go back if you prefer openSUSE! Use Windows for that proprietary stuff and Linux for the remainder. Makes sense to me. Or is this a troll???

Firstly I am not a troll, I dont appreciate being called that.
Secondly I really dont like booting into windows, its only there to serve one purpose itunes and thats it.
Wine sadly does not work too well with itunes so thats its only real purpose.
I like linux, I use it 99.9% of tie time and am practically windows free.
Sure the netflix workaround is just that and yes maybe some day it will not work anymore, who knows?
My computer is my entertainment machine and for the most part linux does its job.
If I want to watch youtube I can, if I want to listen to music and watch movies linux can do all that.
And really what do you mean real computing?
What programming? Compiling source code? running a server?
Dude I am an average computer user, the average joe user who happens to use linux.
Just because you use linux doesnt mean you have to crack down, learn terminal commands, learn C++ and code websites using (insert editor here).
I have used linux for 7 years and never once have I developed one line of code, programmed anything orf any of that stuff you may consider “real computing”
You see this is why I dont visit most linux community, I am a desktop user who chose linux because I feel it honestly is better then windows.
Sure I am very advanced for a computer user but I am still interested in the basics.
I need something to get me from point a to point b and for the most part Linux does that.
If I want to game I can game, if I want to browse the web I can browse the web.
Dont take some elitist attitude when you dont know anything about the person you are chewing out.
Sorry but not all of us are programmers, we cant all have endless training on java, C++, html, python, pearl, whatever…

On Sun, 28 Apr 2013 23:16:01 +0000, MadmanRB wrote:

> Dont take some elitist attitude when you dont know anything about the
> person you are chewing out.

Guys, let’s settle down - there’s no need to get personal, or to respond
“in kind”.

Let’s keep it friendly.


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