To install 11.1 ? Please add your thoughts

Please excuse me folks, for trying to think out loud or in public so to speak but…
I have:
1 SATA HDD 300Gb currently my only working OS, Windows XP, but with plenty of room, 140Gb of which is a dead or corrupted openSuse 11.0, no longer usable
1 ide/PATA 120 Gb containing a (redundant?) clone of my Windows install
1 ide/PATA CD/DVD RW Drive
On my mainboard six(!) SATA channels but only one PATA ide controller/channel
I have a PCI card with it’s own bios which offers 2 further SATA channels and one pata/ide.
No money (whatsoever!!!)
I don’t know whether there is a problem with cables (I have tried two) or what, but I can only run ONE ide/PATA at a time per channel (ie no master/slave on either the on-board or on the PCI card)
The PCI card will not run the CD/DVD
The CD/DVD has developed a glitch (or more likely is full of gruff and dust etc) and now refuses to write.
I am a relative Linux noob, but have no fear of opening the bonnet/hood
I have a number of live CD’s so I COULD boot to a CLI or to openSuse DVD
I might be able to use someone else’s machine. He has a USB CD/DVD drive. I have limited Downloadabilty.
I have set HIS machine to run overnight D/L’ing the DVD openSuse 11.1
HIS machine has a similar sort of mainboard, ie loads of SATA ports, only one ide/pata port, both channels used.
I would like to install openSuse 11.1. I am reluctant, after recent experiences (see my other threads!) to re-partition the 300gb on-the fly, for fear of losing (access to) my XP install, so I think it would be for the best to install openSuse to my 120Gb. My brain hurts.

ANY suggestions welcome…
I am thinking,
Take 120G to mate’s house, lash it up as slave. Burn image of my XP setup to DVD, or leave image on his machine just in case.
Empty/re-partition 120Gb into free space
Burn the openSuse 11.1 to ISO DVD
Once back at my PC, put CD/DVD on ide/PATA
Put 120Gb on PCI Card
Remove 300Gb SATA (for safety)(!!!)
Try to install openSuse to 120Gb
If success, internet inc…
Remove CD/DVD drive
install 120Gb to mainboard ide/PATA
Try to boot from it
If success…
Remove 120Gb, restore 300Gb, boot to XP
Ask you kind folks how to “marry” two OS’s via manipulating GRUB/MBR/bootloader
Or any else could suggest a better strategy?
What I would LIKE to do is:
Boot to a live cd
point to the ISO somewhere on the 300Gb disk
Let openSuse install to the 120Gb
Dual boot XP/open Suse

What I would LIKE to do is:
Boot to a live cd
point to the ISO somewhere on the 300Gb disk
Let openSuse install to the 120Gb
Dual boot XP/open Suse…

OR Boot to openSuse net install from USB stick
Point at a copy of the DVD ISO saved on to the 300Gb HDD as my main repository

install from there

You should only run 2 ide devices on the same cable if they have the same interface speed.

So placing a cd/dvd with a hard disk will reduce performance and can cause issues.

I think you should create an image of your xp installation and keep that safe. Have a DVD copy and HD copy at your friends.

Pull out the 120GB ide drive and PCI sata/ide card.

So you only have the 300GB and cd/dvd drive. Verify the jumper settings on the cd/dvd drive are correct, for ease set it to cable select, and make sure you are using an 80 pin ide cable.

Boot into XP as normal. Erase the 140GB partition, using disk management.

Right click my computer > manage > disk management

Once that is done, reboot with the suse 11.1 dvd (not live cd), run through the setup and carefully verify the partition settings. Make sure suse installs to the 140GB and the bootloader is installed on the MBR.

This should automatically take care of the grub loader and create the necessary entires to dual boot to xp or suse.

Maybe at a later date, try and add the pci card and ide drive, and achieve your initial goal :slight_smile: