To all our ATI X1,,,-blackscreen-o-death-havers...

After trying and trying, installing in every way, testing every howto, i finally got my 3D-ATI-proprietary-driver working… yippeaaaah :smiley:

The key is: Don’t use the 8.6-driver… my very last try was the driver version 8.4… i created package for suse 10.3 (i’m using 11, but it seems to make no problem), installed it via yast. Then into console, su, init3, aticonfig --initial, reboot into int3, sax2 -r -m 0=fglrx, YEAH - no blackscreen - the sax2-configpromt appeared!

As there are many threads with blackscreen on ati-driver and x1…-card, I think this might be the trick for some!?

Have luck :slight_smile:

I have to appologize, but that doesn’t seem to be the full solution.

3D is activated (according to yast), but - GL-Screensavers still have no performance, 3D-Games don’t work, compiz makes a whitescreen (only visual, no death).

Will post more here -.-