Tmux 2.5 has bug. Tmux 2.6 release available. Requesting update to repo.

As the title says - there’s a bug in tmux version 2.5, that has been fixed in 2.6.

This is a game-breaker for me - it’s issue #1056 on the github repo ( ):
detach-client sometimes ends the tmux session, which causes the tasks run inside to be inaccessible, at least easily. I’m not aware of any way of gaining access to the windows…

I don’t want to uninstall tmux as I don’t want to keep manually updating it, so figured I’d post here requesting an update, for what it’s worth

Now, I have aliased ‘tmx’ to ‘~/tmux-2.6-rc2/tumx’, but would like to stop using the alias (though I think 2.6-rc3 has been released recently). Does anyone know if there’s a repo that hosts the latest versions of tmux? IIRC SUSE uses RPMs natively? I usually just zypper or the Build Service


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Since this is a community release, nothing stopping you branching the development package and updating :wink:

Else it can either be done via a bug report;
openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE

Or check the changes file and send an email off to the Maintainer and ask if they will update to rc3;


Thank you very much for the information : ) . I submitted a bug report to bugzilla, and not long after 2.6-rc was available in the build service, so both my Tumbleweed and Leap installations are now on 2.6-rc from a repo so I don’t have to worry about manually updating it (unless of course I find another bug! - though I don’t expect to) : D

Many Thanks,

Really? Where’d you find 2.6RC3?