/tmp & var/tmp in tmpfs

Hello again,

I followed the instructions in this forum for enabling cron to clear /tmp & /var/tmp at boot, ie max days in tmp / long tmp etc & they are not being cleared. Apparently this is a bug in 12.1?
Are there any views in running them in tmpfs? I know how to do this, but wondered what the views of more expereinced people were in doing this practically?

I have 6gb ram & don’t run any apps which put massive amounts of data in these dirs.

Thank you.

Make absolutely sure you have this set
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Apparently this is a bug in 12.1

You could be right
I just checked /tmp
And it’s full of older stuff

I am putting “/tmp” in tmpfs. That works fine. I am doing that mainly because of the problem of clearing “/tmp” at boot.

I would not do that with “/var/tmp”. Traditionally, “/var/tmp” is persistent beyond reboots, and some software might depend on it. At present, I see a little from zypper, and cached info from KDE. Presumably, KDE startup would be slower if I did not retain that cache.

That clearing “/tmp” at boot does not work has been reported as Bug 721682. The problem seems to be a side effect of the switch to “systemd”.