tmp > tmpfs

If I want to mount tmp to RAM where would I configure this now? Could I still configure this under fstab and expect it to work?
I really hate these systemd changes, being so technically feeble as I am.


Yes. Why should it not work?

I really hate these systemd changes, being so technically feeble as I am.

systemd doesn’t mount /tmp automatically by default (at least on openSUSE), and does respect the fstab for all mounts.

You can configure systemd to mount /tmp as tmpfs without an entry in the fstab, by adding tmp.mount to a target that’s loaded at boot, i.e. symlink /usr/lib/systemd/system/tmp.mount into /etc/systemd/system/ f.e.

sudo ln -s  /usr/lib/systemd/system/tmp.mount /etc/systemd/system/

I am doing that on two of my computers (with 13.1). It is working well.

I wouldn’t know.
I was aware of changes in where the virtual filesystem(?) mount entries were managed and was uncertain.
I remember reading something on the mailinglist, from the development phase of 13.1, regarding potenial system upgrade issues concerning this, though how to address it seemed not to be decided at that stage; to me at least it didn’t.

Thank you, both!


Yes, systemd does mount some things automatically on boot, like /var/run, /proc, /dev and /sys (this was already the case on 12.3)
So you shouldn’t have them in fstab anymore, they are even removed automatically from /etc/fstab if you do an offline upgrade.

But having those entries in the fstab does not cause any problems, either.
What could cause problems is having them in the fstab with wrong mount options (f.e. wrong user/group).
But even then they would be just ignored I think, not sure right now though. At least back in November I tried to reproduce the problem with those mounts and couldn’t.

The case of somebody having problems with gnome-terminal in 13.1’s development phase (that’s why an entry was added to the release notes even), turned out to be caused by something completely different: a buggy build script ran manually that remounted one of those mounts with wrong permissions. Nothing at all to do with systemd really.

OK, this computer came from OS 12.2 and is the only one I have with an SSD installed; and, I usually re-format the root, /, partition so all entries were lost.
It isn’t very often I have manually edited the fstab file but I read up on it the first time I configured the SSD (/tmp, /var/tmp to RAM - discard, noatime etc.), quite clear and easy really.