Tmeout on server workgroup - USB Stick Tossing Is A Drag

In Dolphin when I click on ‘network’ then ‘samba shares’ then ‘workgroup’ after a few seconds I get the helpful message in a bright red bar ‘Timeout on server workgroup’ I

I have Samba installed and the other computer, my wife’s laptop running Linux Mint about fifteen feet away, is set up to share, which I can do both ways when I boot into Windows 7. My wife can access my shares on Opensuse from her laptop so things are working in that direction.

Smb is allowed through the Opensuse firewall and smb, nmb are running when I check via Yast.

All we require is simple, easy file sharing instead of tossing USB drives to each other across the room!

I’ve searched online and found many different ‘answers’ to this, all of which are different and some are so old that I don’t know if they’d still be relevant. I don’t want to start changing settings and editing files to the point where I can’t remember what I’ve changed and where. I remember years ago we used to use NFS when we both used OpenSuse, but Samba seems to be the only option these days.

So can someone please help me with this?

That is not true of course. I would never use Samba between Unix/Linux systems, but always NFS.

That is of course a personal preference (using a MS Windows interface between Unix/Linux systems is far beyond my understanding) and I assume that Samba between Unix/Linux systems must also function. So wait for others to tune in.

Henk, the OP has Windows too. So, Samba would be the best way to go.

@OP : For the linux-linux sharing you could still use NFS. And when you’re the one running Windows as well, share from there and your wife can connect to both?

BTW I agree with Henk, that if this is about linux-linux sharing I would not use samba either.

I read from the part that I quoted in my post that the OP thought that NFS is something of the past. I though this should be denied to avoid others reading this think it is true.

Rereading the OP and your reply I can see why you thought so. :smiley: