tlpui run FAIL (xfce4 DE)

Long time OpenSUSE TW heroes:

I’ve not suffered a full on application + front-end/GUI failure in years for which I couldn’t find a “SOLVED” somewhere. And yet after an hour here and there spanning weeks, getting tlpui to actually run on my recently adopted xfce4 desktop has left me feeling old-school noobie exasperations.

When I attempt run tlpui, either via sudo, via Yakuake root, I get this output that I’ve been unable to find anyone solving so far? If I attempt to call it via Whisker menu’s launcher icon, there is zero visual ques altogether.

Clearly tlp is installed and running as expected as far as my pay grade can discern? ( was throwing 404s?)

Any clues sincerely appreciated.

wow?.. no tlpui users?

Nope :wink: Try a later git release, Show home:AndnoVember:test / tlpui - openSUSE Build Service

So the error is related to language items, install the tlpui-lang package. I have them all locked here, no lang files…

THANKS for reply…
***I swear recall claims that was auto-magically included with the deps during my zypper install?.. *checking…
confirmed hero… SUSE Paste

Okay… your suggestion offered me the opportunity to utilize the 1-click install path… ***AND IT WORKED! ;]] ***NOW I can help assure the least possible degradation of my new after-market fat-battery on my Latitude E6420! ;]]

FIRST TIME I’ve ever seen this outside my research efforts’ on google images ;]

THANKS again for the forward moving suggestion HERO!** ;]]**