TLP Not Resetting Tempoary Fullcarge Limit Upon Power Cycle


I’ve tried with & with out dock on my ThinkPad X250 but tlp stat b clearly shows the “temporary” full charge (100%) limit persists after power cycle. I have to use the command;

sudo tlp setcharge 75 80 BAT [0-1]

everytime to manually reset. The charge once command fails with battery threshold not set.
Bit of an esoteric limb to be on, but might spark someones brain cells (hopefully)…

Manufacturers (Lenovo in your case) usually have a batter checker on their website somewhere…
Running it will typically discharge your battery completely followed by fully charging to reset the electronics in the battery (which is why any settings in the OS aren’t permanent).

If the battery utility doesn’t fix the problem, it’s an indication your battery may be starting to fail.


TLP is used for setting battery charge thresholds on ThinkPads, bit specialist.

According to the TLP FAQ,

This is what you have to do