Tittlebar in nautilus?

Hi, I’m using Gnome 3 under OpenSUSE 13.1. Is it possible to add a tittlebar in Nautilus?

On Thu 13 Feb 2014 07:36:02 PM CST, renatov wrote:

Hi, I’m using Gnome 3 under OpenSUSE 13.1. Is it possible to add a
tittlebar in Nautilus?

AFAIK in the default install, no. However there maybe a theme that
offers that, else you can set the location entry to show where your at,
if that is what your wanting;

gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences always-use-location-entry true

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openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (x86_64) GNOME 3.10.2 Kernel 3.11.10-7-desktop
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Thanks for your reply, this setting you suggested is great and I’ll keep it, but what I am trying to do is to add a titlebar above nautilus window so it could have minimize, maximize and close buttons. Nautilus and Tweak Tools are the only two programs that don’t have a titlebar.

Ahh, AFAIK, that’s as designed, min and max can be controlled via mouse clicks…

Eh gnome shell is a dead end if you like a more traditional desktop setup these days.
Use KDE or even try out cinnamon

Tweak Tool offers a way to add Close,restore and minimize buttons . Did you enable that option ?
All GNOME tools which are part of GNOME desktop like Totem,Nautilus have their “File” toolbar hidden near the Activities button. It now a “dropdown”.
It is a smartphone inspired design :frowning:
When you have Nautilus open click on the Nautilus icon near “Activities” and it will take you to the “preferences” and other stuff.

I’ve already enabled minimize and maximize buttons, but they don’t appear in Nautilus. Gnome 3 is forcing us to accept bad changes :frowning:

I’ll give cinnamon a chance, since it’s a fork of gnome 2, my most beloved desktop :slight_smile:

By the way, is there any relevant difference (besides visual things) between mate and cinnamon? Do both use GKT+ 3?

MATE is basically a rebrand of Gnome 2 so you would feel at home.
You would also not fare too bad under XFCE either.
But if you like gnome classic cant go wrong with cinnamon or Mate

renatov wrote:

> Gnome 3 is forcing us to accept bad changes

You are not forced to accept anything.
I like gnome3 just the way it is, stable and clean.

Chris Maaskant

MATE = fork of GNOME 2 desktop environment and applications; attempting to move to GTK+ 3 but currently all GTK+ 2
Cinnamon = fork of GNOME 3 environment, but NOT applications

I only recommend GNOME Classic (the package is gnome-shell-classic) if you want a desktop that’s both modern and traditional. This is simply a set of GNOME Shell extensions officially maintained by GNOME, adding back the bottom panel, menu, maximize/minimize, etc. My personal opinion is that Cinnamon is much nicer than MATE. Different people like different desktops: you might want to try all three.

Short answer: It should be fixed in GNOME 3.12, but there’s absolutely no way to get this in 3.10, sorry. :frowning:

Long answer: All GNOME apps are moving to client-side decorations, meaning the window decoration is gone. They use a widget called GtkHeaderBar to implement this. It’s generally a big improvement, since the window decoration was mostly a waste of space, so now we can put buttons, custom titles, etc. into the previously-useless title bar. But as you’ve noticed, they are brand new in 3.10, and lacked the ability to add maximize/minimize (because integration with non-GNOME desktops is only a secondary concern for GNOME), and the Close button was always on the right (bad for e.g. Unity). In 3.12, your desktop environment will be able to control the presence and location of the maximize/minimize buttons (once it is updated to do so). Header bars WILL affect you if you use Cinnamon, since Cinnamon does not fork many of the GNOME apps (they do have a fork of Nautilus, but for everything else…), but not if you use MATE. Also: Nautilus is a bit of a special case, it doesn’t use a real header bar, but a fake one, so unless that’s fixed in time for 3.12 you’ll unfortunately still be stuck with a single close button on the right. There’s a patch available though and maybe it will be accepted: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=722542

Thanks guys, I installed Cinnamon with all its apps and I’m very happy with it lol!


This was just accepted, so all will be good in the next release.