Titlebar problem after live upgrade - Gnome+Compiz


I’ve made live upgrade from OpenSuse 11.1 -> 11.2 (Gnome).
I followed wiki and almost everything is fine.

Problem is with the title bar when Compiz is on. The icons on title bar are wrong and the title is left justified (see image attached). It doesn’t change if I choose different skin. When I disable Compiz - titlebar looks OK.

This happens on my 2 systems that I upgraded (different graphic cards). Gnome env.

See image


From your pic, I’d say the update somehow made you use the Cairo Windows Decorator. There are several window decorators you can use with Compiz. See here: Decorators/GTKWindowDecorator - Compiz Wiki

According to that, if you want to use regular Metacity themes, open Gnome Configuration Editor (in the Terminal, type “gconf-editor” without the quotes and press Enter), navigate to /apps/gwd/use_metacity_theme and change it’s value to TRUE.

After that, you probably should check for further windows decorator changes in the Compiz Configuration Settings (in the Terminal, type “ccsm” without the quotes and press Enter). Look for the “Windows Decoration” plugin, under “Effects”. If you want to use Metacity themes with Compiz, then it should be enabled and, in the “Command” section, you should have the following command (without the quotes): “gtk-window-decorator --replace”

There is no key use_metacity_theme in my GNOME registry. Adding key, changing command to “gtk-window-decorator --replace” made my title bar to disappear.

Removing and adding compiz packages repaired the metacity theme.

What window decoration would you like to use anyway? Compiz is mostly used with →Emerald.

I just wanted to have default OpenSuse 11.2 window decoration.
I had default in 11.1 but after upgrade to 11.2 my title bar degraded.

As I wrote - reinstalling compiz packages helped.