title bars colours gone psychedelic

This is for the 64 bit version of opensuse 11.3 KDE 4.4.4

The computer was shutdown improperly [hardware shutdown(button) rather than thru OS]
It restarted doing some checking on itself and it did restart ok.
Everything seems to be working well, except the title bar colour has gone all wacky.
In Configure Desktop I am using the Redmond Window decoration theme. I hesitate to change anything, in case it messes up further. I thought I would check here first.
Any suggestions on the proper way to fix this?
Would it be proper to go in change to something else and then change it back?
Would this fix it?

Try a new user account
See how that looks and report back

I had a similar problem with a different cause and I fixed it by changing my theme to something else then changing it back to what I had. ie Oxygen -> Air -> Oxygen.

@ caf4926 ty I will try.
@bsilvereagle I did try to change and then change back but maybe I need a reboot in there somewhere ‘cos altho’ I could change and it was ok, when I changed back it was the same [psychedelic]

I will try to create a new user to see what happens.