title bar on windows disapering

Hi, I am a fairly new user of linux and opensuse. I installed compiz on my computer using Ian step by step guide and when I made compiz the default window manager all the title bar of the windows were gone. Now I can’t close them or move them. Should I install emerald?


P.S. I have opensuse 11.2 and KDE 4.3

Uninstall compiz and let kwin handle your desktop effects as that is the
default for KDE4.

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I know it would be easier but a like the effect in compiz a little more espacially the magnifing glass. I’m sure there is a way to make it work

When I was running SUSE gnome, quite a while back, I had this, and fixed it by uninstalling all compiz packages, then reinstalling using the 1-click for compiz-fusion. That might not help on KDE, but you could have a look…


Did you read further down in that post? I put in there what you need to do if some of KDE’s functions don’t work, and how to get emerald to be used.

Open the CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM) and then find the Category Effects. Then find the plugin Window Decoration and make sure it’s checked. Then click into it and next to Commanderase anything that’s in there and replace it with

emerald --replace

You should now have window decorations when using compiz.

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Hi Ian,
I did everything you said and the title bar went away as soon as I made compiz the default window manager. I was wondering, should I download emerald?

Yes, download emerald as it was one of the specified packages that should have been downloaded from my how-to. The one-click installer should have taken care of that. Not sure why it didn’t in your case, unless you downloaded all the packages yourself instead of using the one-click installer.

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Hmmm. Just checked the one-click installer and it no longer downloads emerald with compiz, even when choosing to customize the package selection. So that definitely explains the no title bars. Once you download compiz-emerald then you should be good to go.

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Truth be told compiz and KDE4 dont really get along, kwin can do most of your desired desktop effects and overall I feel its a better product.

OK just want to let you know that problem is fixed thanks Ian

No problem, thanks for notifying me of that problem. I’ve had caf make the relevant changes in my how-to to specify that the package is not downloaded and needs to be installed manually.

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