Tips for searching help for Opensuse (using google or otherwise)

Hi all,

When I search Google for help, i.e. “opensuse keyring without asking” infrequently I get old results which are not accurate (from 2008 is the first result, didn’t check for accuracy). To solve that problem I switch to “past year results”. However, than infrequently I stumble upon to pages from Linux Mint, Arch, Ubuntu. Some are relevant and some are not. If I search “tumbleweed something” I frequently don’t get anything (while I understood config seems almost the same between Tumbleweed and Leap). Do you have some tips for searching google for help? (we could try to add those to )

BTW, since this is my first post, let me introduce myself. I have been using professionally Linux since 2003 for software development (mostly web/Java). I’ve used Fedora, Ubuntu and Arch and recently decided to try Opensuse as the latest Fedora didn’t work with my radeon card and Arch was too hardcore (problems I had: too many forum users responding RTFM even when I tried to read the fine manual, most things required config, installation is not easy and gnome was ugly out of the box).

And none the less, the first distribution I even installed was SuSE 95 and I’ve bought original CDs and installed it back in 95-96, but used mostly Windows 95 at that time.

So as someone who tried SuSE Linux some 22 years ago, I hope that community will be very welcomed to me :wink:

Tumbelweed is rolling distro so change almost weekly so advice last week may not apply next week at least for some thing. Linux is linux and if the question is generic Linux how to when and what distro is generally correct. Best practice is ask here not on Google

I agree on the Google (or any other search engine lately) results being annoying. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find away around that, other than to just keep rephrasing my search query. The problem is with the search engine providers and how they handle the results.

It was once possible to have google search a specific site ONLY. It was also possible at one time to have it return results first that EXACTLY MATCH YOUR PHRASE. And, there were several other very usefull search tweaks available.

However, industry-leader Google, in their profound wisdom (Full Sarcasm intended here) decided to dump all that and return things “their way”, which is now designed to boost their ad revenue rather than return desired results. The others, of course, tend to mimic Google.

BTW: I use DuckDuckGo, get just as good results, and sometimes much better results. Plus, they do not track you or collect your information.

Their search engine is at

So as someone who tried SuSE Linux some 22 years ago, I hope that community will be very welcomed to me :wink:

Oh, Yes, Indeed!

IMHO, this is by far the friendliest and most helpfull forum I have experienced.

Welcome Aboard! And Happy openSUSEing!

Although it’s not very clear to the eye,
The openSUSE support portal covers most of the bases for support alternatives

Community documentation

SDB articles
Keep in mind that not all are kept up to date, but these can be one of your best sources for help. I highly recommend before following any of these to click on the History link and note how recently was the last contribution… If it is within the last year or so, then it’s likely up to date and might be considered reliable. If the last contribution was made years ago, then you might want to ask in one of the interactive Help for someone to review whether the SDB is currently applicable. I looked at the database of SDB recently and found it incomplete, to find an SDB you can simply Google “SDB” with whatever topic you want (Upgrade? VMware? Java? Something else?)
Mailing lists**
For anyone who has been in computing for awhile, there’s a mail list for everything, and openSUSE has their own.
Click on the mail list archive link in the Portal:Support, find your topic to view the archive. There will be a link on the left (navigational) pane you can use to subscribe to the mail list.

Private Wikis
These are harder to find. I’d like to think that my personal collection of articles about things I’ve encountered might be useful to others, and I’d encourage everyone else to create their own as well (see my signature at the bottom of this post for how to create your own)

There is a SUSE/openSUSE IRC channel if you want to chat with someone in real time.

You’ve found one of the Technical Help Forums, there are also forums for development and non-technical questions.