Tips About Used To Internet

Hello everybody.
What have you done to improve your internet-using habits? Did you get rid of all the ‘rotten apples’ and bad guys on the web like google etc.? Today, I’m one step closer to a final transition.
What I’m using is the following:

  • email: Posteo. Safe, secure, eco-friendly, socially responsible email provider.
  • social networking: Diaspora. I got a hang of it finally, and must say it’s more than functional. Like a great combination of Facebook and Twitter, just decentralized and less cluttered + you own your own information.
  • OS - see signature
  • Currently also transforming my music collection into ogg’s.
  • Last step: I have to make Amarok scrobble to somehow. Don’t know how to pull it off, as the docs info doesn’t work. But I hope I’ll get it soon.
  • Search engine: duckduckgo, with a modified theme and regional preference turned on. It keeps getting better and better.

Got rid of Twitter today.

So, what’s your status?

e-mailMy server: I know it is secure, I know its security settings, and no need to depend on someone else’s Skills and Altruism (or hope they even have those).

social networking
The best: Face-to-Face, no online fads



What’s “Twitter”?:sarcastic: