Tip. Just today i found about an application known as zypper-gui

Its very good for managing repos installing apps and stuff. What are your opinions on it? Did you have a good or bad experience?

Why using it when you can use Yast → Software ?
It has the same options, but Yast → Software is better structured and has a better look and feel.

As you do not tell where you found it and all the rest we are of course wondering what you are talking about.

It could be that you are meaning YaST > Software, the standard GUI for software repository management, software management, etc. But that is of course too obvious.

It is NOT zypper-gui but zypp-gui (which is included in the OSS repo). Spelling…so important :roll_eyes:

zypp-gui. Sorry for the spelling.

Maybe he still means another one. We could start from the presumption that he can type what he sees, or at least can copy/paste what he sees. :wink:

Oh, I was just typing the post above with the assumption that one at least could type correct the words that form the base of ones assortion. Was I wrong :frowning:

I find the following in the package’s description to be a little bit unsettling –

It achieves some functions of command zypper.

In other words, all of the Zypper functionality hasn’t been implemented – yet …

The change history of the package is as follows:

  • Revision 1: July 2021
  • Revision 2: November 2021
  • Revision 3: May 2023

There’s also this Forums post for the original announcement: <https://forums.opensuse.org/t/new-gui-tool-zypp-gui-to-update-system/147026/2>.