Timing out

I have Tumbleweed and want to know how I can keep from timing out every few minutes?


You have posted in the wrong place, let me move this to the install/boot/login forum so temporarily closed.

Moved and reopened.

So when you say timing out, you mean the screen blanking? Also what desktop environment are you using, eg Plasma, GNOME etc.

I used the phrase ‘timing out’ because after five or ten minutes of inactivity I find myself staring at the login screen.

My DE it Plassma, for KDE.

I may have found a possible solution in Settings > Configure Desktop > Workspace > Desktop Behavior > Screen Locking. It was here I came upon a box marked next to where it says to lock the screen after 5 minutes. I proceeded to unmark the box then also umarked a
similar box next to where it says to ‘Lock screen on resume.’

My irst attempt at findng a workable solution was to check out Power Management,

Thank you for promptinj me to take anothesliim and I’ll know in ‘five’ minutes if it was the right one.

That’s not the login screen, but the screen locker, as you seem to have found out.