timing mode failed?

I get this error from the log files,
could someone explain it for me.

<3>ata1: ACPI get timing mode failed (AE 0x300d)
<3>ata2: ACPI get timing mode failed (AE 0x300d)

System is Old duel P-III with a gig of ram.
Maxtor 120 gig HD UDMA mode 5 (OpenSuSe 11.1)
Western Digital 40 gig HD UDMA mode 5 (Windows 2000)
DVD recorder ??? can’t remember what

System works good but would like to know what the error means.

The ACPI daemon tries to get info about the ata interface (ata1 and ata2 are what the 2 hdd’s connect to AFAIK). Might just be a feature that it’s trying to use but is not available on this hardware.

If the system works good, I wouldn’t bother about it.

I knew it was about the HD interface.
Guess your right…I don’t need to worry about it.
Thanks Knurpht